bluedog SOC As a Service

SOC as a Service

Your very own remote Dedicated SOC or NOC at a fraction of the cost of running it locally yourself

Operated to your rules and your processes

You decide the makeup of your team – We do the rest

Maybe you’re thinking of expanding, or going offshore, maybe you’ve run out of space and are worried about the cost of going to the next level?

Maybe you need to move to operating your SOC/NOC 24/7 and need to greatly expand your SOC team.

We will recruit, build, train and manage your remote dedicated SOC or NOC team for much less than the cost of running your own SOC or NOC in your own country.

SOC Engineers

SOC Managers

Network Engineers

Security Engineers

Tech Support Engineers


Microsoft Certified Staff

AWS Certified Staff

Plus any other technical staff that you require

We take care of all the hassle;

HR, Government Regulations, Training and welfare

A single predictable payment each month.

Use your own monitoring or SIEM software licences

A SOC or NOC Dedicated to you – no one else will use any of your team members!

We will operate your SOC in the hours you decide; 24x7, 12x7, 12x5, 9x5